ME-168 Mini Encrusting with DR-138 Rounding Machine

ME-168 Mini Encrusting Machine

  • Designed to make centerfilled cookies, such as pineapple jam filled cookie (Nastar), cookies with chocolate/strawberry/vanilla filling, and other pumpable paste for filling.
  • Main Dies sizes  ranging from 18 mm to max 29 mm diameter and  filling nozzles  ranging from 8 mm to max 17 mm diameter are available for making different size of cookie and different quantity of filling or thickness of the crust.
  • Filling material can be fibrous fruit paste, bean paste, oil based cream, meat paste etc.

Type Mini Encrusting ME-168 with DR-138 Rounding Machine
Dough Type Short Cookie Dough
Crust Excrusion System Single Screw variable pitched, 0.50 HP driven
Screw Material White PolyOxyMethylene (POM)
Dies Opening 18mm – 30mm diameter
Filling Material Soft fruit / bean / meat / fibrous tacky paste
Filling Extrusion System Single screw constant pitched with 0.25 HP drive
Filling Dies Hole 8mm – 15mm
Cutting System 6 blades PolyPropylene Iris shutter
Filling Dies Hole 50mm diameter at max
Control System Switches and Touch Screen for speed control
Electrical Requirement Single phase, 220V 50/60Hz, 680 Watts
Dimension  (W) 900mm x (L) 900mm x (H) 1.000mm
Shipping Weight 120 Kg + 100 Kg
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