CD-708 RR Twin Color Concentric Cookie Depositor

Latest model, using european standard design with Individual pump system, means ‘one pump per one opening’ to ensure a more consistent product, accuracy in cookie weight and ability to deliver a wide range of dough.

CD-708-RR Twin Color Cookie Depositor

  • Further Development from our CD 708R Twin, this CD 708 RR has all the machine feature of CD 708R, plus some additional feature which made this machine can be considered as one step higher then our previous CD 708R, CD 508 and CD308
  • Increased Capacity. The principles of operation is the same like our CD208 Rapid, but it has twin head. Utilizing the individual Lobe pump system makes the CD 708 RR able to deposit approx 30 Kg of cookie dough per minute.
  • Increased Cookie Uniformity. The Individual Lobe Pump System also increase its cookie uniformity from 20% in CD 508 to 10% weight basis in CD 708 RR
  • Revolutional design change from ‘table’ style to ‘cabinet’ style, easier to clean and more hygenic.

Twin Head Arrangement

CD-708-RR Double Head

Fully detachable depositing heads, easy to dismantle, clean and re-install .

 CD-208 RR Pump System

CD-708-RR Double Head 2

 Twin Color Drop Cookies


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