CD-208-RR Single Color Cookie Depositor

Latest model, using european standard design with Individual pump system, means ‘one pump per one opening’ to ensure a more consistent product, accuracy in cookie weight and ability to deliver a wide range of dough.CD-208-RR Single Color Cookie Depositor

  • Specially designed for depositing cookie dough, ranging from soft dough (spritz, meringue, etc) to hard dough (wirecut cookies).
  • Controlled with a PLC (Programmable Logic Controller) via touch screen for easy setup, and recalling to choose programmable parameter for each cookie.
  • Also wide range of possibility to change the depositing process parameters, such as : depositing – speed, depositing time, spinning head on/off, speed of spinning, time of spinning, pitch of cookies, etc.
  • All these adjustments ensure the users to easily create their own design, their exclusive design, using their own formulation of dough.
  • All wetted parts which come in contact with dough are made from food grade material, such as S/S, Alumunium, and engineering plastic, to meet standards of food processing machinery.
  • Also the design of the depositing head, nozzle rotoplate, and nozzles are detachable for easy cleaning, servicing, and changing, to cut machine’s downtime
  • Depositing nozzles are using ‘Wilton’ standard tips, easy to find and has wide variety in the market .

CD-208-RR Nozzle

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