Waferstick Baking Machine


Waferstick Baking Machines

Our special design is the hubless type of waferstick baking machine (instead of conventional wheel type with hub). This design makes it much lighter resulting in longer bearings lifetime, which translated to minimum downtime. The low combustion gas, consume 40% less total energy which can be saved without sacrificing any production capacity.

ProStick 200 AF

  • 2 line machine, simple and robust, very suitable for beginner.
  • Produce 40 Kg of wafer stick per hour, with 1 operator
  • 3.5 Kw electricity and 2.8 Kg of LPG per hour.
  • 3 x 4 sq m. space requirement
  • Product are ready to pack when leaving the machine, no further process required.

ProStick 300 AF

  • Good for advance user, who needs high productivity, with less operator and space.
  • No significant addition of energy supply to achieve productivity of 65 Kg of product per hour (40% higher than Prostick 200)
  • Same space and operator requirement with Prostick 200, 3 x 4 sq m, 1 operator.
  • Fully in-dash electronic controlled speed adjuster.