Our Company was established in 2004 with rolled-wafer baking machine series as our first main products. Since then we have widened our product range with “Single-Color” cookie depositor machine which was introduced into the mainstream market in 2006. With continuous developments efforts, we also launched the “Twin-Color” cookie depositor and the “Twin-Color-Center-Filled” cookie depositor in 2008.

By now, we are still consistently maintaining our wafer stick baking machine products, and continuous improvement on our machine is still our strong point.

All these effort are for supporting our customer, the food Industry, with strong, reliable, cost saving machinery with reasonable price.

Our continuous research and and development program resulting to a rapid product growth in term of variations, features, perfection, quantity, and quality :

2014 Launched CD 708 RR Twin color cookie depositor, revolutionary Improved from its ancestor, the CD 308 , CD 508, and CD 708.
Launched CD 208 RR single color cookie depositor with new design and new cookies forming program.
2013 Launched CE 267 twin color cookie extruder with panning system
2012 2012 Launched CE 167 Cookie Extruder with panning system and ME 168 Mini Encrusting Machine ( aka the “Nastar” maker )
2011 Launched our CD 208 Rapid and CD708, European Standard Single-color and Twin-color Cookie Depositor
2010 Launched the CD 508 automatic Twin-color concentric Cookie Depositor
2009 Launched the CD 308 automatic twin-color side-by-side Cookie Depositor, and start to export it to the United Kingdom and India
2008 Start exporting the CD 208 Single-color Cookie Depositor to Phillippines and Thailand
2007 Launched the first Automatic Cookie Depositor CD 208 at Food Hotel Asia Expo in Singapore
2006 Launched Prostick 300 AF , 3 lines waferstick baking machines, and start exporting to Europe.
2005 Begin to export Prostick 200 AF to India, New Zealand
2004 Launched the first waferstick baking machine Prostick 200 AF


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